Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Kickstart Your Weight Loss and Increase Your Energy With These Booster Vitamin Shots

Are You Getting Results With Your Do-It-Yourself Weight Loss Program?
Most people know that the driving force behind weight loss is regular exercise and a balanced diet, but what if you’re doing all that and still not getting the results you want? That’s when you need extra help! So, if you’re not getting the weight loss results you want with your D-I-Y program, despite all your hard work, then read on…
Natural Health Works is now offering a “Weight Loss Booster Injection” called LipoStat Plus. Lipostat Plus is a natural metabolic booster that will maximize your efforts by increasing your ability to burn fat.

How can shots help me lose weight?
Lipotropics are a class of nutrients that play an important role in the body’s use of fat. Our specialized formula combines natural ingredients into one injection to boost your weight loss and help your body metabolize fat. When lipotropic injections are combined with diet and exercise, they speed up the fat breakdown process and increase your ability to lose weight.

What’s in Lipostat Plus?
Our lipotropic formula contains Five ingredients:
● Vitamin B6 ​- ​Vitamin ​B6​ is essential for the breakdown and use of protein molecules and also aids in the synthesis of glucose within the body. It helps break down f​ ats​ as well.
● Vitamin B12​ – ​Increases energy and metabolism.
● Methionine​ – Methionine is a sulfa-containing essential amino-acid. It ​helps
break down sugars & carbohydrates and converts them into energy, ​helps prevent the buildup of excess fat in the liver and is a​ building block for protein synthesis.
***Please Note ​Methionine should Not to be taken if you have sulfa drug allergy – Sulfa-free injections are available – Let us know)
● Inositol​ (Vitamin B8) – Inositol ​converts food to energy. ​Inositol works to reduce blood cholesterol and support the metabolism of fats.
● Choline​ – Is Similar to the B-Vitamins -​, and helps convert fat to energy. ​Helps to transport fat and cholesterol, as well as help the liver excrete chemical waste products inside the body.

How Long Will It Take For The Lipotropic Injections To Work For Me?
The time it takes for a lipotropic injection to work can vary greatly depending on your personal health, fitness plan and weight loss goals. Natural Health Works recommends that patients begin their program with twice weekly injections for 4 weeks, then continue receiving them weekly until you reach your inspired weight loss goal.

How Long Do the injections Last?
The Injections will stimulate your metabolism, however because they are Natural Amino Acids and Vitamins, they do get metabolized out of your system. The effect of the injections does wear off after about 72 hours. Thus, the importance of lifestyle, diet and exercise is imperative.

Do The Injections Hurt?
No. The injection is administered quickly with a small needle.

What Are The Other Benefits to Lipotropic Injections?
Yes, There are more benefits! Your Health Improvements aren’t just limited to weight loss.
1. Vitamin B6​ ​helps with red blood cell metabolism and ​aids in the production of important neurotransmitters in the brain.
2. Vitamin B12​ plays a key role in the normal function of the brain and nervous system.
3. Methionine​ is required for normal growth and repair of body tissues.
4. Inositol ​has a natural calming effect and has shown to reduce panic attacks.
5. Choline​ is important for healthy nerve cells and cuts muscle recovery time.

Will I Get Results With Lipotropics?
When you use LipoStat Injections correctly, they can be a very effective tool assisting in your weight loss goals. However, these injections shouldn’t be your only tool! Please know that lipotropics aren’t made to be used alone. For you to get outstanding results, you must incorporate proper nutrition and movement into your weight-loss program.

How Can I Sign Up For LipoStat Program?
Contact us to begin your weight loss program! Call 503-722-7776, Email ​Info@naturalhw.com​, Website: www.Naturalhw.com

Before you begin your Lipostat Weight Loss program, Natural Health Works will perform a complete evaluation of your medical history, check your vitals, BMI, blood pressure, and review your medications. With this information in hand, we can ensure that you are prescribed the proper Weight Loss Program.

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