True Confessions of an Active Mom

The other day I was talking with my good friend, Cheri and she got personal. She confided in me (since I’m a doctor) that she gets urinary “leaks”, ya you know the dribbles you get when you’re in exercise class and you wet your undies and you wish you’d worn a pad.

She told me that she’s had the problem for years and thought it was normal. I was shocked! How could she think this was normal? She never even mentioned it to her doctor.

The stars were aligned, because I’ve been researching and thinking about this incontinence problem for a couple of years and recently got certified in a procedure called the “Femme shot” that stops stress incontinence.

I told her about it and she was thrilled about the possibility of getting rid of her leaks! She then babbled on, as many people do, and told me that she had a million friends with the same problem and if it worked on her, she would let everyone know that they should come see me for the treatment.

Then she asked me some questions, like:

Does it hurt? – No
Is it safe? – yes

Where’s the shot? – near the clitoris and upper vagina

Does it work? – yes – 95% get resolution of incontinence

Is it one time? – Yes, but if your health is not up to snuff, it may take 2.

How long does it take? In clinic for an hour, the actual procedure is about 20 min

Last, but not least, How much? — $1200. If needed, 2nd shot is free for a limited time only.

Drumroll… the results are in! – She had the treatment and my good friend, Cheri is feeling confident because she hasn’t had a leak since! Ahhh — happy ending 🙂

If you’re a mom and would like to exercise without getting your panties wet, I invite you to call my office to schedule your appointment to see if the Femme shot is right for you. Give me a call today at (503) 722-7776. Talk to you soon!

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