The Miracle of Stem Cells – Free Seminar

Are you interested in learning about the Miracle of Stem Cells? 

Dr. Gordon is giving an exciting presentation about Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy. She will be discussing how stem cell therapy reduces pain and inflammation and stimulates regeneration. Now you can learn why these cell based therapies are so important for health and healing.

Stem cells are potent molecules that have the capacity to heal degenerative arthritis and other chronic joint and tendon problems.

When we’re young, we have a lot of self renewing stem cells that are eager to repair and rejuvenate an injury, however as we age, these vibrant cells decrease in number and lose vitality. In fact, by age 60, you’ve lost 95% of your stem cells. Stem cell treatment helps bring back your regenerative capacity for repair and rejuvenation.

Current Treatment areas include:
Arthritis in the knee, hip, shoulder
Rotator Cuff tears
Tennis Elbow
Neck and Back Pain

We personally invite you to come hear how regenerative medicine and stem cells can help you heal by getting to the root cause of disease and degeneration.

What: Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Talk

When: Wednesday, August 15th @ 6:30 PM

Where: Abernethy Center Ballroom
606 15th St., Oregon CIty, OR 97045

Call us at 503-722-7776 to reserve your seat. Seating is limited

See you there!

Dr. Joanne Gordon and the Natural Health Works Team

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