Regenerative Medicine: You’ve heard about it. What’s it all about?

Regenerative Medicine focuses on getting to the root of the problem without covering it up. At Natural Health Works, we don’t practice the “Band-Aid” approach. If you come into our office with knee pain from arthritis, we wouldn’t mask the problem with a cortisone shot or pain medication, we’d offer you more cutting edge treatments to get the body’s immune system to repair itself. That’s right…the body Heals itself! Our bodies have an amazing ability to repair if stimulated to do so.

For example, if you tripped and sprained your ankle…you swell up, get bruised and the ankle gets unstable. You don’t limp around with a weak, unstable joint forever because the body is trained to repair itself. Your injury stimulates healing cells like platelets and growth factors to lay down new tissue, so that 3-6 weeks later you’re chasing the kids around the house again. Presto…you’re healed!

Sometimes, the body doesn’t completely heal after an injury and you’re left with an injury only partially repaired. This can lead to chronic pain and arthritic problems. Other times, the body’s repair mechanisms aren’t working right because of a faulty hormonal system. This can leave the body without the proper energy or ingredients to heal broken down areas.

Natural Health Works focuses on medical treatments anchored in science that reverse the factors that impair healing and promote regeneration of damaged or aging tissues. Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell injections have the power to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms by tapping into the body’s own natural power to heal. The results are amazing.

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