Innovative Solutions to Joint Pain

If staying active is an important part of your lifestyle, but if pain from osteoarthritis has begun to keep you from doing what you love most, you might consider more innovative solutions for your pain.

Short-term relief options like lifestyle changes, medications or steroid injections often have limited impact on improving day to day pain, and the risks of more invasive treatments, like surgery, come with a range of side-effects which can limit you from returning to your favorite activities. These solutions aren’t what most people are looking for, nor should you settle for them.

Regenerative medicine therapies like platelet rich plasma and perinatal stem cells are at the forefront of current medical research, with people experiencing life-changing results after just one or two injections.

Perinatal cells include Wharton’s Jelly (WJ) stromal cells. These cells originate within the connective tissue of the umbilical cord, making them relatively young cells compared to those found in adult donors. The innate characteristics of WJ cells make them particularly beneficial for the treatment of osteoarthritis by helping to reduce pain and replenish damaged tissues.

With appropriate treatment, injured joints are able to be reinvigorated with cellular growth factors that work to restore vital tissues and provide relief. This new, innovative approach to regenerative medicine is bringing new hope to patients who struggle to maintain their desired lifestyle.

Dr. Joanne Gordon, N.D., MSPT is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician with a master’s degree in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. She is passionate about why pain in the body might be happening and non-surgical treatments to help people get back to doing activities they love!

To learn more about how these treatments may help you, contact Dr. Gordon at 503-722-7776 and keep an eye out to sign up for one of her complementary seminars!

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