How Menopause Affects You

Your body goes through “changes” about every seven years and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the changes, especially when menopause hits.

Menopause is when you’ve stopped having your period for many months. It’s not a disease, but rather a chance to honor your inner wisdom. After all, you’ve earned it, haven’t you?

Some people breeze right through the menopausal process, if that’s you, then you’ve lucked out, but many of us, get a few hiccups along the way. For me, even though I still get my cycle, the peri-menopausal process has been reeked with symptoms of anxiety and sometimes a sense of panic. It’s not genetic, my mom didn’t have a single hot flash! Why is that?

The low down on menopause:

Menopause happens when your ovaries slow down and come to a screeching halt. Throughout your life, the ovaries have produced estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in varying amounts. Smaller amounts were produced in the younger years only to have them surge quite noticeably while you were a teen — those fun, raucous years – I know you remember them! – Then levels balance out for awhile with consistent cycles until they start to declining over time.

The hormonal decline can be referred to as peri-menopause, which literally means around the time of menopause. No one really know how long it lasts as symptoms vary from none at all to full on sweats. Over the years, women have expressed their symptoms to me — here’s a few — Let me know if you relate to any of them!

Anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, hot flashes, night sweats, joint pains, digestive issues, difficulty sleeping, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, painful sex, moodiness, irritability, bitchiness, depression, fatigue, low thyroid, exercise induced hot flashes, hot flashes induced by the heat of the summer or just being to warm in general.

Did you relate to any of the symptoms? I know I did!

What real negative effects of Menopause?

The above were symptoms of menopause, which can be treated with proper diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, vitamins, herbal supplements and bio-identical hormones.

The real villain of menopause are it’s silent killers – heart disease, Alzheimers disease, and osteoporosis. A root cause of these diseases is hormone insufficiency. Did you know that once you hit menopause, your risk of dying from a cardiovascular event increases by 50%! Restoring optimal hormone levels can help prevent chronic diseases and allow you to live a fuller life.

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