Hot Flashes

Isn’t it time to stop throwing off the covers at night? 

If we can’t get a good night’s sleep, it’s hard to keep functioning as a normal human being!

If you have had hot flashes for a while, you’re probably wondering if they’ll ever go away. Unfortunately, some women have hot flashes for many years, whereas others may not experience them at all.

Some quick and easy ideas to reduce hot flashes include foods, botanicals, and hormones.

Botanical medicines (herbs) like dandelion and yellow dock can help reduce hot flashes by improving hormone metabolism in the liver. Other herbal options are Black Cohosh and Wild Yam which are phytoestrogens and serve as weak estrogens to reduce the hot flashes.

Foods that have been shown to hot flashes include tofu and soy products due to their isoflavone content and flax seeds and beans also help reduce hot flashes due to their lignan content.

Evening Primrose oil is a supplement that I have seen work wonders for some people with hot flashes.

Bio-identical Hormones: In the perimenopausal stages, progesterone is my number one choice to combat hot flashes. However, once the menstrual cycle has stopped and estrogen is not elevated, estradiol may be given to help with temperature regulation.

That’s it in a nutshell! —

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Dr. Joanne Gordon

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