In 1987 I injured my back at work – the diagnosis at that time was a herniated disc in the lumbar region of the spine. For 30 years I suffered recurring and debilitating episodes of back pain, treated with stretching, massage, heat, ice, muscle relaxers, and lots of ibuprofen. Having had a bad experience with a chiropractor in my early 20s, I refused to see a chiropractor for the pain.

In December of 2017 I received a massage from Amy Wheeler, LMT at Natural Healthworks as my back was once again “out”. She told me that my back pain appeared to be identical to the pain she had suffered, which Dr. Dreger diagnosed as an out-of-alignment sacroiliac joint. She told me that Dr. Dreger fixed her with just a few treatments. Amy also assured me the naturopathic manipulations were not scary or painful. I decided to give Dr. Dreger a shot.

I’m so glad I did! After one treatment I felt so much relief; and after two I felt like I’d been given a new back! The treatments were quick and easy (the drop-table is awesome). Now I am certain the original diagnosis of a herniated disc was in error (in fairness an MRI was not available to me in 1987). Bottom line is my back feels the best it has in 30 years….Thank you Dr. Dreger & Amy!

Harlan Barcus

“I had PRP treatment done on 12/28/17 as I had torn the meniscus in my left knee. I have been running since 8th grade and I am now 62 years old. This was my first major injury. I had been competing for the last 7 years in Master’s Track and Field races. After my injury, I first went to Kaiser Permanente and the Orthopedic doctor believed that surgery would be my best option and he told me that I probably should never run again. 15 days after my PRP treatment with Dr. Joanne Gordon, I was able to run a mile pain-free! I am planning to start doing track workouts at the end of February and start competing again in April. My goal is to run in the USATF Masters Outdoor National Championships in July.
Thanks, Joanne for doing such a great job.”
Bob Schafer, Oregon City

Bob Schafer

“We are so fortunate to have found Natural Health Works and Dr. Joanne Gordon in particular!! My 18-year-old son was becoming very depressed and nearly gave up all hope of ever living a pain-free life again after chronic pain and severe muscle spasms began in 6th grade. He began researching Prolo-therapy and PRP and which doctors had the credentials, experience, and patient reviews and then asked if he could please make an appointment to see what Dr. Gordon could do for him. Over the previous 7 years he had seen 3 physical therapists, 2 chiropractors, 2 osteopathic doctors, a sports medicine doctor, a massage therapist, and an acupuncturist. None of these providers or treatments provided any significant relief. Dr. Gordon’s credentials and reviews gave us both hope that my son could be helped and be able to leave for college this fall without the constant threat of a crippling neck or back spasm and his being away from home. I AM SO GRATEFUL AND HAPPY for DR. JOANNE GORDON and HER ROLE IN HEALING MY SON!!! He stood taller and the light in his countenance shown bright as he could not stop smiling and thanking Dr. Gordon after the first visit and prolo-therapy right then. At his follow-up appointment, he had PRP in his neck. Almost fully healed, he had prolo-therapy again this week to the base of his skull which she expertly injected in multiple locations he was now able to pinpoint with the other painful areas no longer an issue. FINALLY, A DOCTOR WHO LISTENS, CARES, AND TREATS THE PATIENT TO GET HIM WELL VERSUS WHAT WE EXPERIENCED WITH OTHERS who seemed to want to keep him as a permanent patient and saw us as a stream of income. Three treatments and my son is soon to be pain-free. The last time he felt this good was as an eleven-year-old. His advice is don’t waste your time on other providers and treatments. Get straight in to Natural Health Works. Do it now.”

Ann Stoddard

“Fantastic to have a local place that understands the alternative health world. Dr. Gordon is terrific and very knowledgeable.”

Cherisse Shane Reilly

“I see Zach for acupuncture & he has always been helpful. He listens & his manner is gentle. I’ve also had good relationships with the doctors & staff. I would totally recommend this clinic!”

Lynn Berger-Leschorn

“Wonderful doctors! Dr. Gordon, Dr. Dreger, and Dr. Williams are truly experts in the health care field. Warm and gentle approach. So blessed to have this Dream Team for my health care providers!”

Tara Weidman

“The best. Since I found them, I am so much healthier. I looked around quite a bit before I came here several years ago. I love that they offer such a wide variety of treatments, for all kinds of conditions. I mostly see Dr. Gary Dreger who is both a naturopath and an acupuncturist, but they are all good, welcoming, kind and so knowledgeable.”

Laurie Sonnenfeld

“I was suffering migraine headaches and the side effects of some drugs I had taken. I was not satisfied with my medical doctor’s advice and went to Dr. Dreger for acupuncture. Now I feel 100 percent better 90 percent of the time. He listens and discusses options, and I feel there’s nothing I can’t discuss with him. I appreciate his help and his understanding.”

Cynthia Smith, Oregon City, OR

I’ve availed myself of several services from Natural Heath Works, including extensive acupuncture from Dr. Dreger, prolotherapy from Dr. Gordon, naturopathic treatments from both, plus a few sessions of physical therapy and therapeutic massage from others in the office. In four years, I’ve had problems effectively healed that had baffled conventional doctors for nearly eight years. At Natural Health Works you can work with whichever practitioner can best address your specific situation, without the turf wars prevalent in many other medical offices.

Greg LeFever, Oregon City, OR

I had chronic pain in my upper back for almost 3 years. After 2 prolotherapy treatments with Dr. Gordon, my back pain was completely gone and has been gone for over 2 years.

Troy Kay, Oregon City, OR

My knee is doing great and I am not limping around anymore. Dr. Gordon did 2 prolotherapy treatments  and my knee is fantastic! I’m back to my old self. I can walk around and do all the things I need to do. I love it!

Sheri Smith, Molalla, OR

After 1 PRP treatment the pain in the back of my left knee is feeling so much better. The pain is 80-90% gone and I am able to go longer before I feel any discomfort. I appreciated Dr. Gordon’s has a high attention to detail which is not seen in the general medical field. I got the golden glove treatment. The whole experience was phenomenal!

Eric Dingell, Oregon City