I had chronic pain in my upper back for almost 3 years. After 2 prolotherapy treatments with Dr. Gordon, my back pain was completely gone and has been gone for over 2 years.

Troy Kay, Oregon City, OR

I’ve availed myself of several services from Natural Heath Works, including extensive acupuncture from Dr. Dreger, prolotherapy from Dr. Gordon, naturopathic treatments from both, plus a few sessions of physical therapy and therapeutic massage from others in the office. In four years, I’ve had problems effectively healed that had baffled conventional doctors for nearly eight years. At Natural Health Works you can work with whichever practitioner can best address your specific situation, without the turf wars prevalent in many other medical offices.

Greg LeFever, Oregon City, OR

“I was suffering migraine headaches and the side effects of some drugs I had taken. I was not satisfied with my medical doctor’s advice and went to Dr. Dreger for acupuncture. Now I feel 100 percent better 90 percent of the time. He listens and discusses options, and I feel there’s nothing I can’t discuss with him. I appreciate his help and his understanding.”

Cynthia Smith, Oregon City, OR

“I’ve had terrible back problems and seven years ago had breast cancer. I had chemotherapy that completely depleted my body and was having trouble completing daily functions. I began seeing Dr. Dreger and he’s done what 10 other people had not been able to do. He looks at the whole picture and cares enough to listen. His treatment has changed my life. It seems like a miracle.”

Lyna Low, Oregon City, OR

“I had chiropractic adjustments and laser treatments and nothing seemed to be doing the trick. I wasn’t aware of prolotherapy, but after two weeks of treatment, it seemed to make a huge difference. I was amazed that I could wake up without a headache.”

Susan Persaud, Molalla

“I was able to get almost 100 percent movement back in my shoulder. Prolotherapy helped me get through this without a lot of pain, and it healed fast. I’m impressed.”

Patrick Harrington, Oregon City

“I’m ninety and I was only partially convinced prolotherapy would work. I was really  dumbfounded that Dr. Gordon reduced my pain more than 95 percent. I hardly have any pain anymore. And she was very gentle.”

Gareth Dart, Frenwood, Idaho

“Before I had prolotherapy, I was taking six aspirin a day for hip pain. Since prolotherapy,  I haven’t had any aspirin. I don’t have any hip pain even after going camping or standing all day. People like me with hip pain and neck pain have no idea how Prolotherapy can help them.”

Julie Ann Brostrom, Gresham