Injection Therapies

Injection therapies are proven techniques that stimulate the body’s healing process in muscles, tissues and nerves. Natural Health Works’ knowledgeable and skillful application of these therapies helps ensure they properly administered for optimum healing of often-stubborn musculoskeletal ailments.

Dr. Joanne Gordon and Dr. Gary Dreger are experts in specific forms of injection therapy. This means they can make a well-informed determination on which therapy will be most effective to meet your particular need.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is an effective treatment for muscle problems called “trigger points,” which can cause considerable pain and muscular dysfunction. Pressing a muscle’s trigger point can extend pain to another part of the body, such as a trigger point in the buttocks creating pain in the patient’s leg. Left untreated, trigger points can lead to more trigger points developing in nearby muscles.

Trigger point therapy is similar to prolotherapy and involves injections to the damaged muscle. These injections promote the body’s natural healing powers to eliminate the trigger point and enable healthy, new muscle growth.

Natural Health Works has been successfully administering trigger point therapy for several years. Depending on its intensity, a trigger point usually requires from two to four injections over the course of a week.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy relieves chronic pain through injection of local anesthetics into the patient’s autonomic nerves to remedy chronic conditions such as headaches, infections, arthritis, lupus, allergies and many more. Specifically, injections are made to nerves that influence pain perception, sensory information and circulatory conditions in every gland and organ in the body.

Neural therapy is based on the theory that trauma can produce long-standing disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues, especially scars, nerves and clusters of nerves called ganglions. A correctly administered neural therapy injection often instantly and lastingly resolves longstanding illness and chronic pain.


As with other effective forms of injection therapy, Biopuncture involves the injection of biological products into the skin or muscles to stimulate the immune system and to promote specific healing. Examples of some common injections are low concentrations of arnica for muscle pain, echinacea for strengthening the body’s natural defenses, and nux vomica for digestive problems. Biopuncture has been proven highly effective in treating problems from muscular injuries to allergies and inflammations.

Products utilized in biological injections come from companies that guarantee their production quality and employ strict quality-control measures. Biopuncture is safe and normally produces far less discomfort than conventional “shots” due to the nature of the injection itself. Because it encourages the body’s own healing mechanism, improvement for serious conditions can take weeks but tends to be long lasting.


With origins in ancient China, Greece, and Egypt, the use of honey-bee products such as raw honey, pollen and propolis is one of the longest histories in medical science for curing disease. More recently, Apitherapy’s use of bee-venom injections has become a recognized treatment for arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis, as well as for several neurological problems and skin conditions. Bee venom contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents and is a rich source of enzymes, peptides and biogenic amines.

The doctors ensure that precautions are taken to determine if any bee-product allergies exist and that the most effective protocols are followed for effective treatment.

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